Hebgen Lake 2014 vs. Now:BEST OF the Captain’s Column
By angelamontana

Posted: January 11, 2018

Exactly four years ago, the day before yesterday, the Captain was talking about the Hebgen Lake Ice Fishing Tournament.  Again, this is approaching soon!  The Captain mentioned that “ice fishing fever” was about to hit Hebgen, and the same is true now, as the open qualifier is on January 14th this year, and there certainly is a buzz among ice anglers getting ready to compete!

In 2014, the legendary ice angler Dave Genz was at the competition, and here was what the Captain had to say:

Getting a chance to visit with the legendary ice angler Dave Genz will be a real treat for ice anglers of all ages and skill levels according to Jack Baker, Tournament Director, for the NAIFC, “It is fantastic to have Dave come to Hebgen Lake. Without a doubt, Genz is the number one name in the industry; there is no one more knowledgeable or well liked.” So how did Genz, who is from the Midwest come to know about Hebgan Lake and its ice fishing opportunities?, According to Baker it was mostly word of mouth, “A few of our tournament guys from last year’s Hebgen event told Dave about the quality of fish, the stunning scenery and how West Yellowstone welcomes fishermen. He is coming to check it out for himself. Dave believes in and supports the NAIFC every chance he gets. Those that attend our Friday Night Seminar on Friday, January 17, at the West Yellowstone Holiday Inn are in for a treat with Dave speaking.”

To compare this year to last year, take a look at the Captain’s full article from THE BEST OF the Captain’s Columns from January 9, 2014 here.


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