Managing Walleye at Noxon: BEST OF Captain’s Columns 2.15.18
By angelamontana

Posted: February 14, 2018

Five years ago a few weeks ahead of now, there was  an article that the Captain wrote called Managing the Walleye Population at Noxon Reservoir.

At that time, “FWP is seeking public comment for the Investigation of Suppression of Walleye this 7500 acre reservoir in Western Montana.”

Walleye anglers have had success catching fish in recent years; needless to say they are not very happy about a proposal to conduct a 6-year effort beginning this spring to investigate suppressing walleye in Noxon. In the FWP Draft Environmental Assessment to Investigate Suppression of Walleye, (available on line at www. under public notices), there a number of reasons given for the agencies action. First, and foremost, is that walleye was illegally introduced, and, according to Montana’s illegal and Unauthorized Introduction of Aquatic Wildlife Policy, “if the Department determines that removal maybe feasible it shall attempt removal at the earliest possible date”.

It is interesting to read back over the years and see what has changed and what has been the catalyst for changes.

To read the Captain’s original Captain’s Column in March of 2013, click here.

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