Q and A???
By Montana Grant

Posted: April 12, 2018

Q; How long do fish live

A; Every fish species has a different life expectancy. Environmental conditions and fishing pressure also are important. Ancient fish species such as Sturgeon are known to have live over 100 years! Lake trout can live over 60 years, but most survive only until 20. Brown trout can live up to 18 years but rarely survive beyond 12. Largemouth bass rarely live over 10. Most salmon die after they spawn which is about 4 years.

Q; What one thing can I do to catch more fish?

A; Sharpen your hooks! You will have 4 times more hook ups if you add a sharpened point to your hooks. Sharpen every hook you use even if they are new. Hooks that have snagged on the bottom or repeated fish, dull quickly.

Q; How can I catch fish I can’t see?

A; Polaroid glasses not only cut the glare on water but also protect your eyes from injury. Try using a brown polaroid lens for most fishing conditions. Use Blue or mirrored lenses for open water. Look for movement or shadows first. Once you see the fish, consider you appropriate presentation. If you do not see the fish, you may be able to identify the cover where the fish may be hiding.

Fish smarter and ask questions!

Montana Grant

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