The Infamous Reaction to a Youngster’s First Deer Hunt [VIDEO]
By angelamontana

Posted: July 24, 2019

Remember Savannah?

Back in 2011, this video was posted of a nine year-old girl who went on a deer hunt with her dad.  This is a must watch — and if you’ve seen it already, it’s so worth watching again. We also posted Savannah’s sister (Sydney’s) first hunting experience, too, back in 2017 (click here).

Hunting season is just around the corner–teach a kid the ropes!  Here’s what her dad captioned with the video:

Savannah’s first deer hunt. She shook hard for about 5 minutes after…not cold….it was her adrenaline dump. She was 9 years old and has begged to go with dad since she was 5. Since this time, she has hunted Nebraska with dad and has 11 deer harvests of her own. Thanks for viewing.

“Teach your kids to hunt and fish and you won’t be hunting and fishing for them later in life”.

I want to thank all the wonderful positive comments on my video. Savannah and I have had a great time reading them. This video has been used in several hunting expo’s, conferences and events all over the world as a positive hunting experience between father and daughter. It has gone viral far far beyond Youtube. With that unfortunately it has landed on a few “bad eggs”…..liberal tree hugging types who feel it their God given duty to “educate” the rest of us on how to raise our children. Because of the popularity of this video I have disabled the comments for the time being. Thanks and Happy Hunting…….. Jason

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