Awesome Buck Down!
By angelamontana

Posted: November 19, 2019

Nick Schnabel is a proud dad!  His daughter, Savannah, got herself a very nice buck!  Here is what Nick shared with us:

My daughter finally carved out time from her schedule for some hunting time with poor old dad. I mean what with the cross-country practices and meets, sleepovers, and fall dances, who has the time? Errrrrrrrrrr……Dare I say, hunting may have taken second fiddle in my girl’s life. She reassured me that if we take our time and have fun, when she is available, good things will happen. She may have had a point, but I told her shooting two in the span of a minute with a 20 gauge is not something that happens very much and she is as lucky as she is innocent, ha. That was a killer first date. Dad’s best hunting season ever with both kids tagging out on deer. All the behind-the- scenes outfitting effort has paid off and I am proud of the two little…….. One day, I keep telling myself, they will appreciate it, I hope. She looks good in my coat, I am the one shivering behind the camera, I can’t remember everything.

Way to go, Savannah!

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