Brenton Brooks Bags Beautiful Buck!
By angelamontana

Posted: October 21, 2021

Youth hunter Brenton Brooks, of St. Regis, went out this morning in search of a nice whitetail buck to help fill the freezer for his parents and his sister, and he sure found one…..and then some!  Check out how heavy the antlers are, and look at that basket!

Not only is 15 year-old Brenton setting the bar high for himself for next year, but as his mom states, he is setting the bar high for the whole family–and this family is no stranger to hunting!  You might remember Brenton’s parents, Will and Kerilyn Brooks, from this article:  You also might remember Brenton’s younger sister, Bexley, in this article:

Excellent work, Brenton!

Congratulations on this beautiful buck!

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