FARM COVER!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: November 20, 2023

It’s funny how wildlife tends to live around old farm tractors and equipment. Maybe it’s just that hunters can remember where the good hunting spot is there. Perhaps it’s just that the area hasn’t been mowed in years. Either way, old equipment means good generational cover.

In the Shields Valley of Montana, a pair of old combines look like 2 ancient dinosaurs battling for the land. This area always produced a good whitey buck for me each season.

The old Case Tractor sits aside a fence as you enter Three Forks. There are always a few huns moving around this grassy spot. The old wagon at this old homestead means that you better get gun ready. Pheasants, huns, and sharpies love that thick old cover. The old boards and wheels offer some break from the Montana winds. Snow gets drifted around them, before they get buried in it. 

On a Fall day pheasant hunt, I was looking for roosters with my dog Magnum. We had seen a couple hens but the cockbirds seemed to be scarce. We were well away from the truck and came across an old homestead. There were a few outbuildings and a dilapidated home. I wondered what the story was about this old farm. Anyway, there was also some old farm equipment near the old barbwire fence line. Scattered remains of a wagon and an old seeder were parked in the overgrown grass. 

Mag cracked on point as he got near the seeder. I readied my shotgun and commanded Mag to flush the birds with me. 4 roosters came busting out from under the old equipment. My Itaca model 37 pump shotgun quickly cycled through my 3 shells. Within a few minutes, Mag had retrieved, and laid 3 roosters at my feet! 

Hunt hard, hunt harder!

Montana Grant

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