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Coyote killed after attacking toddler in California

Near the Huntington Beach pier in California, last

72-year-old California woman gored by bison

Woman gored after approaching bison in Yellowstone

Thousands of Worms Resembling Genitalia Wash Ashore in California

How weird it would be to be walking along Drakes B

California 1st State to Ban Trapping

Yes, this has happened, and I, personally, look fo

California woman gored by bison

On the morning of June 6, 59-year-old Kim Hancock

Save Idaho Fish–Support lethal California sea lion management

There is a request for comments on an application

Mountain Lion Eating Take Out Pizza in California [VID]

Mountain lions don’t eat take out pizza. Tha

Californians Outraged Over Trump Sons Killing Endangered Triceratops

You may have seen this around the world wide web,

Mountain lions cause koala, school issues in California

It’s been a month of mountain lion occurrenc

California Reverses Ban on Use of GPS for Hounds

With a unanimous 3-0 vote, the California Fish and

The Gig Is Up For California Wolf Patrol Group In Darby

Suspicious people stopped in at the Forest Service

Persistent Elephant Seal Obsessed with Northern California Highway

California has their own issues they are dealing w

Project Coyote and the California Secretary of DNR

Project Coyote held a special invite-only fundrais

California Trappers and Hunters Fighting Back and Need Your Help

Montana isn’t the only state with Rogue gove

Changing Public Perception About Hunting in California

When looking at policy, it’s clear that Californ

USSA Takes Fight To California [VID]

The “epicenter” of animal rights is in

Vacationing in California? Beware of October Shark Attacks!

“Area surfers might note that this marks the

UM Bio Station Study Finds Microplastic Pollution in Flathead Lake

FLATHEAD LAKE – They’re in our oceans and riv

Idaho man sentenced for trafficking wildlife parts in MT

An Idaho man was sentenced Tuesday in Beaverhead C


Sentence includes jail, fines and privilege suspen

Crappie angler catches monster bass from kayak

Scott Flitcraft went out fishing at CaliforniaR

Woman rescued from national park in WA retrieving phone after fall

Not all rescue missions are from sportsmen and wom