New wolf pack in California formally named
By angelamontana

Posted: February 9, 2024

In case you haven’t heard, there is a new wolf pack in California.

Here is what CDFW posted on YouTube last month:

“Turn up the volume to hear an iconic sound of the wild! These wolves are part of the pack discovered this summer in Tulare County which will now be called the Yowlumni Pack. The pack was found in the Sequoia National Forest in proximity to the Tule River Tribe of California’s reservation and ancestral lands. CDFW is honored to partner with the Tribe on formally naming the pack. Wolves howl as one form of communication with one another and often howl to locate each other. Packs aren’t always together and may temporarily separate, capturing this behavior on video is extremely rare.

Vernon Vera, a Tule River Tribal Elder shared that the name Yowlumni comes from the Yowlumni band of the Tule River Yokuts. He explained that his mother Agnes “was the last fluent speaker of Yowlumni until her passing in 2010. She taught that the Yowlumni were speakers of the ‘Wolf Tongue.’” CDFW is thankful for the Tribe’s assistance in naming the Yowlumni Pack and connecting the cultural significance of the pack in the region to its name.”

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