MINING GEMS!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: June 19, 2024

The Treasure State of Montana is known for its wonderful gems. Yogo Sapphires, Gold, silver, amethyst, agates, geodes, and so many more. Each gem or mineral is unique, colorful and special. 

Big Sky Country is also known for its amazing, finned gems. There are many colorful and wonderful finned fish to enjoy. Not all the finned gems are native to Montana, but they all add to a limit full of Ichthyological gems. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but for this dig, I am considering color and variation. These fish will be more precious during their spawning seasons when they gain the best color and shape. 

Time to go mining! Now you can pick your preference of mining gear. You may prefer spinning or fly-fishing gear. Most of these fish are perfect for Catch and Release but some are very tasty. Set up your personal challenge and start digging in. 

Here are some of my Finned Gems to tackle in Montana. 

Rainbow Trout   Native to the Northwest, rainbows were introduced to MT. They have a spectrum of colors. Hybrid bows mate with Cutthroats and have a unique look. 

Redband Trout   Only a few places in Montana offer this non-native bow. They have larger par marks, and a big one is under 16 inches. 

Brook Trout   This Char is gorgeous. A wonderful pallet of colors makes this fish a true gem.

Brown Trout     Browns spawn in the Fall and are beautiful. Their browns and bright spots can be amazing. These non-natives are colorful gems.

Golden Trout    This trout is native to California. They have been introduced into many Montana lakes where they grow to 20 inches or more. They are named for their gem-like colors. 

Grayling    This native fish is framed by its huge and colorful dorsal fin. No other trout has the gem quality of a grayling. 

Cutthroat Trout   There are 2 native variations of Cutties. The Yellowstone Cut and the West slope Cut are common in Montana. Several other Cuttie species are found throughout the western watersheds. 

Kokanee Salmon    Introduced salmon have a colorful cycle that brings gem colors to life. 

Yellow Perch     a Yellow Ned is a perfectly painted gem. The yellows, reds, and browns make this fish a jewel. 

This Gem Hunting can be a perfect Bucket List challenge. 

Catch your limit of fined jewels!

Montana Grant

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