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Fish and Wildlife Commission approves changes to elk shoulder seasons

The Fish and Wildlife Commission approved changes

Brett French reports: Extending Elk Shoulder Seasons

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks has proposed ex

Elk Shoulder Season Information from FWP

The primary purpose of elk shoulder seasons is to

Elk shoulder seasons to end Feb. 15

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks reminds hunters

Debate Over Elk Shoulder Season Heats Up (by Brett French)

Elk shoulder seasons seem to gradually be reducing

Region 6 Elk Shoulder Season Kicks off Dec. 15

Elk shoulder season is already underway in many pa

Elk Shoulder Season Begins Nov. 27

There’s still some hope for hunters yet to n

2017-18 Elk Shoulder Season Information by FWP

Elk hunters will have opportunities to fill their


The Elk shoulder season opened Thursday in Hunting

2016 Winter Elk Shoulder Season Facts

Key points for hunters to remember: • Season tim

Big Game Season Closing Soon, Elk Shoulder Season About to Begin

If you haven’t already filled your freezer w

Elk Shoulder Season and Salmon – Listen to Last Week’s Show

The elk shoulder season is set to kick off in Mont

Elk Shoulder Season Chart

In an attempt to try to eliminate some confusion,

Elk Shoulder Season Just a Couple Weeks Away

Hunting season may seem like it is months away, bu

Elk shoulder season info should be here soon

At its Feb. 11 meeting, the Fish and Wildlife Comm

FWP Commission Approves Antlerless Elk Shoulder Seasons

During the meeting to discuss the elk shoulder sea

Elk Shoulder Season Questions Answered

The phone lines are exploding at the FWP office in

Opening Up Elk Shoulder Seasons

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is proposing to j

Elk Shoulder Season Generates Lots of Interest

Right now, it seems every elk hunter in Montana an

Elk shoulder season interest swamps FWP

Right now, it seems every elk hunter in Montana an

Elk Shoulder Season Information for 2015-2016

Below is a short video from Montana FWP, explainin

Didn’t bag a bull? Learn all about the new elk shoulder season

What are elk shoulder seasons? “Shoulder sea


In anticipation of strong interest in upcoming ant