Anglers witness bear killing deer

Dustin Tolley and Adam Buckles, from Tennessee, we

5 Surprising Black Bear Facts

Just when you think you know a lot about black bea

Living in bear country

This is exactly what you don’t want to happe

Bear opens car door of elderly couples

Just because you’re in your vehicle doesn

Brett French reports: Some tourists have no bear sense

An incident last month drives home the point that

Huge Montana trophy bear down!

Excellent work for Bryton Guttenberg! Here is a po

Four bear encounters from around the world

We live in bear country, and encountering a bear i

dog vs bear

This little dog is not having bears on its turf!

We know those little dogs have a reputation for be

First bear down for this huntress–and it’s a beauty!

Way to go, Kylee on your first tagged bear!   He

Bear vs. Pigs [VIDEO]

Have you ever been afraid for pigs you saw out in

Be like a bear

Sometimes, when life gets to crazy, you need to ju

Man vs. Bear [VIDEO]

You have to sometimes fight for what is yours̷

Circus bears in the wild?

This is interesting.  Has anything similar to thi

Bear With Me For Bear Safety

Spring is on the horizon, officially estimated to

Grizzly bear blocks road for motorcyclist

When you’re in bear country, you may encount

Breakfast Bear Casserole

Turn your bear into BREAKFAST with this Breakfast

Very First Bear Down for this Montana Huntress!

Bear down for this Mineral County huntress! Bonnie

Grizzly bear attacks elk on side of road [VIDEO]

If you think you’re safe from a grizzly bear

Living in bear country

When you’re not sure why you’re car do


Kalispell — Following an uptick in recent activ

Close encounter with a grizzly bear

Even though this particular incident was in Canada

Lock up your cars in bear country

A couple of years ago, the Boulder County Sheriff&

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