Women elk hunters deserve recognition, too
By Hookemharry

Posted: December 12, 2002

Two weeks ago in this column there was a poem titled, “Ode to the Elk Hunter” by Bruce Johnson of Hamilton. The poem was well-timed for the many elk hunters in Montana who ended up with elk tag soup, rather than elk soup after a disappointing season.

The poem by Johnson however did not mention anything about women elk hunters and whether they had success or not during this past season. At the time, I guess I didn’t think much about the fact that Johnson’s poem leaned in the male direction. Fortunately for me, Mavis Lorenz of Missoula caught it and set out to correct the situation.

Lorenz has taken and taught the “Becoming an Outdoors Woman” program of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, which helps introduce many outdoor activities to interested women from hunting to outdoor cooking to fly fishing and beyond.

Lorenz submitted this poem to acknowledge that, yes, women do hunt and maybe can do it better than men. She didn’t give the poem a title, so I will. How about “Show him who’s boss; you go, girl.” It goes like this:

Here’s a tribute to women who hunt with a man

She follows behind him not knowing his plan.

Her rifle on shoulder with carrying sling

She follows his heels, sees not a thing.

When footsore and weary, she asks for a break

He tells her let’s wait ’til we get to the lake.

So fours later, without seeing a track

He announces intentions of circling back.

As the daylight is fading fast into dusk

He calls off the hunt that turned into a bust.

Instead of traipsing around after him,

Pick a good spot, perhaps on a rim.

Build a little fire to keep yourself warm.

You can sit there for hours without any harm.

When he finally returns without any luck,

You can proudly show him: 3-by-4 buck.

You field dressed it out knowing that job, too!

You were taught by the women BOW crew.

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