TURKEY TECH!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: April 29, 2024

We have all had hunting and fishing buddies that forget to buy their licenses. Some lost their license, or the dog ate it. Old paper licenses had to be bought, replaced, and added onto at a legal license representative, shop, or store. None were just around the corner. 

 My buddy Vernon, aka, The Black Prince, lost his license. He didn’t figure that out until we were well within the wilderness and had put several turkeys to bed. The next day was opening day and we had scouted, prepped, practiced, and were prepared. To get a replacement license in the mail could take weeks. His only hope was to drive an hour to the closest license store and get a new one. The guy was locking up for the night when the Black Prince pulled up. 

My son Kyle promised to get his license for this year’s annual Spring turkey trek. After we finally arrived at our remote hunting campsite, he remembered that he needed to get a license! Of course, we were in the middle of Montana’s cell phone dead zone. 

He wasn’t worried and said he could purchase his license on his phone? Next thing I knew, Kyle was on his 4-wheeler heading to some high ground. It was getting dark. A half hour later, he was back and had his Sportsman license without bear. His fishing license and all needed tags were legal and ready to go!

The next morning, we were on the hunt. I called in 3 gobblers at once for Kyle, and he used my dad’s old Model 12 pump shotgun, with a poly choke, to whack his Spring Turkey! The time was not even 12 hours from when he used his cellphone to buy his licenses. 

As we gazed at his gobbler, I asked” so how do we tag it?” There was also an online way to verify and electronically report the tagged turkey. Who knew? If a warden checked us, Kyle just needed to show him the info. And pictures on his cell phone. Now that’s what I call convenient. 

Licenses must no longer be on paper. You can certainly print them out from your computer or take a picture of a paper license and have it saved on your phone. Now you can also legally tag your critters all in the Cloud!

One of the most common tickets given out by Game Wardens is for failing to validate / tag a big game critter. This meant a paper tag was attached to the antler, ear, or leg of the critter. This needed to be done before you even began gutting the critter. Now with the press of a few cellphone keys, you can be legal, honest, and enjoy the moment. Just make sure that the phone is charged and with you.

Hunting and fishing technology today allows us to acquire a license, take a picture, tag our harvest, and send out our success stories instantly! All while ordering a pizza. The Black Prince could have used this years ago.

Thanks to the FWP for keeping up with modern technology and allowing sportsmen the chance to be honest and online and in line!

Gobble, gobble, cluck, cluck, and good luck!

Montana Grant

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