General fishing season opens Saturday
By Hookemharry

Posted: May 19, 2005

With the official opening of the general fishing season in Montana this Saturday, it’s time for anglers to stop wishing and go fishing.

Granted, the anticipation of the general fishing season doesn’t rival the opening of General Big Game Season, but it still should be a date that heads you toward the water.

There are plenty of options.

Some lakes, like Georgetown Lake, will be open for the first time in a while and there is really nothing like hitting a body of water after it has been closed for a while. Fish seem to lose their caution during times of a lack of pressure.

The salmon fly hatch is close to happening on Rock Creek. When it does, this blue-ribbon trout stream east of Missoula will be jumping with the activity of both fisherman and fish.

The walleye spawn is over so the lakes east of the mountains should start to turn on any week now.

Browns Lake has been producing nice catches of trout and my old buddy Steve Miller, from Seeley Lake, reports that the northern pike are biting better for him than my other old friend, Wayne Knudson (Walleye Wayne). The latest “Pike� count: Miller-4; Knudson-2.

Fishing season means a little friendly competition on the water for a lot of folks and it also is a great time to spend time with your kids. Les Rutledge, “The Fish Guy,� who along with volunteers helps teach western Montana kids about fish and the environment says kids reap more than just chance to catch a nice fish when you take them fishing.

“It gives them the opportunity to learn how our ecosystem works and why it is so important to treat the outdoors with respect,� says Rutledge, who touches thousand of kids every year with his excellent educational program.

Another great way to learn more about fishing and boating is to log onto This Web site was created by the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation, a nonprofit organization is committed to increase the participation in recreational angling and boating.

The Web site offers tips on family fun, safety, fishing, boating, and a search engine for events that your family might enjoy. The foundation is continually looking for ways to expand their site so if you have an idea that you would like to share log on and pass it on.

Ron Zachariason has announced the dates for the Mister Pike Classic at Seeley and Salmon Lakes as June 11th and 12th. Log onto for all the information.

Registration forms are also out now and can be picked up at most local sporting goods stores. Every entry also entitles you to a free event T-shirt and the beverage of your choice.