Gifts for Hunters and Fishermen

Some Christmas ideas for hunters and fishermen
By Hookemharry

Posted: December 15, 2009

With Christmas only days away, it’s time is to start thinking what you’re going to buy for the person that hunts and fishes on your Christmas list.

One piece of advice is to get that person something that he or she would definitely use. I, for one, love to get simple everyday things – socks, a sweatshirt, a tackle box, a box of shells, and even underwear. (Of course, you need to know the person real well to buy them a pair of underwear. You don’t want to be wrong on the size).

We all have heard, “I need to buy a Christmas gift for so and so and he or she already has everything”. A gift card always works well.

Here is another helpful hint. People tend to put the person into a dollar category when they go shopping for a gift. For instance, you might have a person on your list you want to spend up to $10 on or another person you feel comfortable spending up to $50 on. Maybe you have no limit.

In any case, I thought I would give you some gift ideas, many that would fit into a budget of around $50 or less. Here goes:

A duck, goose, elk, turkey or cow elk call

A digital camera

A meat grinder or smoker to help them enjoy their deer, elk, and fish year round.

A box of shotshells

A membership in a local trap club

Membership in an organization likes the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

A dependable flashlight

A Leatherman tool

A DVD on “How to field dress a deer in about a minute”

Four or five crankbaits good for trout, walleye, or northern anglers

An ice auger.

A sportsman sled to haul gear

Chef Vince cookbook

A pair of boots to use for hunting and ice fishing.

A bucket with a nice swivel seat, good for a waterfowl blind or for ice fishing.

A pair of wool gloves

A gun case for a rifle or shotgun.

A year subscription to a hunting and fishing magazine like Real Hunting Magazine.

A 12-volt operated electric air pump for low tires or rafts

A dozen of assorted flies

Tip-ups if the angler on your list likes to ice fish for walleye or pike

A pair of sunglasses

Any warm flannel long sleeve shirt (buy it big)

A fanny pack to keep gloves and stocking hats all in one place

An ice strainer (it helps them clear ice out of their ice fishing hole)


A knife

Pair of binoculars

A cold avenger mask

A fishing net

A leech locker or worm box

A measuring tape or scale to weigh fish

Entry into a fishing tournament

A new camping stove

A camping lantern

A new, ice-saving cooler

A well-stocked first aid kit

A sleeping bag

A duffle or small gear bag

A waterproof boat bag or camera bag

A gas card

Hope this helps!