Tree Stand Placement Is Critical In Harvesting Monster Whitetail
By John Willioughby

Posted: December 31, 2011

In Ohio I was able to do a little hunting while I as there.  I harvested a big fat whitetail doe for a land owner.  He asked to do a little herd management and I was excited to shoot a deer in January since I have never done so.  This tip is on how to properly position a tree stand for optimum success.  A good friend of mine hung a couple stands for us to hunt, but while hunting them, he did not think of height vs deers sight.  What I mean is this.  When you hang your tree stand always remember to evaluate the elevation of the land around your stand.

We were hunting in a gully between 2 paths.  On both sides it was flat but in front and behind us the deer had to come down a hill to get to us.  This meant that as the deer crested the top of the hill, we were at eye level with them.  This defeats the purpose of tree stand hunting.  You always want to be higher then the deers line of vision.  So remember always hang your stand at a point that is at least 15 to 20 feet higher then the deers sight.  This will get you out of their vision, but also keep you out of the thermals which will keep your scent out of range.