February Fishing Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: February 17, 2012

Flathead Lake

February and March are excellent months to target the big lake trout. These bigger fish, 30 to 40” are out on the large flats in 120 to 200ft of water. Try 120 ft. off of Angle Point, also 180 ft. off of Painted Rocks.

Last week we pulled 7 big lake trout in the boat. The largest laker was 39” at 19 pounds, one at 37 inches,  two slot fish and 4 just under the slot.

What to use:

Big flatfish on the bottom, try using T-50, T-55, T-60 flatfish from Worden’s. The usual colors, white belly red top, white with red head, watermelon, and fire tiger. They’re usually a morning bite, so get out there early!

Remember keep the flatfish on the bottom and troll slow, around 1 mph.

The flatfish has to be bouncing along the bottom for these fish to hit it. A very erratic mud trenching presentation is what it takes. Look for calm days, fighting the wind and trying to go slow, is not very productive.

Also try the MAG LIP from Worden’s.  It works when nothing else seems to. This lure has a skip beat action and has rattles. Try it in the white belly red top, fire tiger and blue bandit.

Lake Koocanusa

The bull trout bite is on. I know that we are fishing the Kamloop rainbows, but it seems that this time of year you can’t keep them bulls off the plugs. Remember this is a catch and release fishery for the bull trout, so handle them with care. If you stay out towards the middle of the lake there seems to be less bull and more rainbows. The catch rate seems to be 50/50 bulls to rainbows.

What to Use:

This time of year it seems to Lyman Plugs and Rapalas. Stay in the spring colors, light silvers, pink, and the good old silver and black.


Many men go fishing their entire lives without knowing it is not fish they are after. See Ya on the water.

This February Fishing Report was provided by Captain Bob, of Mo Fisch Charters.  Visit their website at www.mofisch.com

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