Good Dry Fly Fishing in the Missoula Fly Fishing Report
By Kjel

Posted: July 10, 2012

There are currently great dry fly fishing opportunities all around Missoula. With most rivers in the area your best fishing will be during the cooler times of the day, both morning and evening. As water levels continue to drop and rivers are becoming more and more wadable now is a great time to get some fly fishing in.

The Blackfoot River: The foot is on! For float fishing in the Missoula the Blackfoot is a great choice right now. The fish are looking for big bugs across the surface. Try big stimulators, chubby chernobyls, and even hoppers will work in the heat of the day. During the mornings stick with the nymphs and even PMDS.  If you are able to stay later in the evenings you should be in for some great caddis fishing.

The Bitterroot: The Root is still fishing very well. However, with the recent warm temps things have slowed down a bit. Especially form noon to 4.   During the evening hours there have been some great caddis hatches. The morings will provide some good PMD fishing for sure. When the heat kicks in try working big dry flies like chubby chernobyls or hoppers off the deeper banks. If that isn’t work during the heat get a tandem nymph rig working the bottom in the deeper holes.
Rock Creek: The past few days have been very hot ones.  We’ve been hitting at least 90 degrees each day, and the fishing in the afternoons has taken a hit because of it.  That being said, the dry fly activity is still doing great in the mornings and evenings, and even in the afternoons you can still have luck if you access a shady part of the creek or an area where a feeder stream flows into it.  Use the same patterns as last week (sallies, purple hazes, drakes), and you should do well.  At certain points in the day, you’ll probably want to drop a nymph down to the fish, as they are hesitant to come up from time to time.  Try both traditional and purple prince nymphs, copper Johns, and Jumpin’ Jack Flashes, and you should have a good day of nymphing.

Overall, fishing has been very good in spite of the hot days (and once you actually get up into the river valley, the temperature drops a fair amount), so come on out and give it a go! Report provided from Rock Creek Mercantile.

Clark Fork:  As with most rivers across the state right now, your best bet for fishing is early and late. During the heat try a big stimi, hopper, or chubby chernobyl,  with a deep dropper. Again, the same with other rivers in the areas…. PMD’s in the morning, and a great caddis in the evening.