Montana Hunter Shares His Elk Hunting Story
By Hookemharry

Posted: September 18, 2012

Mark Anderson from Missoula is an avid archery hunter. He has a success archery hunting for elk in the past. But no matter how many elk he has shot in the past it is always a tremendous feeling when he, in his own words:”Got lucky again” I asked him to describe the hunt and this is what Mark had to say:

“Sometimes pretty tough to get in on a decent bull when he is surrounded

by so many sets of eyes. Opted instead to post up in their bedroom, cow call a bit,

and wait them out. Fortunately the wind was favorable and he gave me a 20 yd. shot, but not before

screaming, glunking and thrashing from less then half that range. Pretty much anything and everything

to peg my adrenalin. What an amazing animal!! What an amazing experience!!!

Spent some quite looking upward and then got to work”.


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