Problem Grizzly Captured and Killed Southwest of Whitefish
By Matt Schauer

Posted: September 6, 2012

A problem grizzly bear was captured and killed on Wednesday, September 5, along the Stillwater River, southwest of Whitefish.  According to FWP, the 238 pound male grizzly was getting into livestock feed, pet food, garbage and apples.  This bear was euthanized at a local veterinary clinic because of his food-conditioned behavior.

The subadult bear was captured, in July, from the Lincoln area and moved into the Coal Creek Drainage, north of Columbia Falls.  The bear crossed the Whitefish Divide and traveled along the Stillwater River.  FWP received numerous reports of the bear during the past month.

Remember to secure all food attractants to prevent problems with bears.

*Note: The picture above is not the actual bear

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