Trip, Fall, Aim, Big Buck! [Fan Submitted Story]
By Kelsey

Posted: September 16, 2012

This story was submitted by Steve Chapman of Polson, MT:

Have you ever fallen over a root while hunting deer?  This is the story.

Got my self up, dusted off and seen the biggest buck of my life at about 150 yards lying under a pine tree. Pulled up emptied my model 742 Remington 30-06  at it and it was still lying there.

Dropped the clip reached in my pocket for 2nd clip jammed it in my Remington released the bolt forward it would not go, SO I JAMMED THE BOLT FORWARD with the heel of my palm and that is when I realized I had stuck my extra pack of cigarettes into the rifle and had them all smashed up as I watch the Buck get up and Walk away.

 By the way, the scope was off about 3 feet at 100 yards, after falling, missed by around 4.5 feet. Moral of the story, don’t carry cigs and clip in same pocket.

Never have I yet to this day seen a whitetail of that caliber.

Heart Broken.