Glacier Grizzly Bear: MORS Picture of the Week
By Matt Schauer

Posted: October 24, 2012

We set out on the Swiftcurrent Pass Trail at the very end of Many Glacier Road.  We only hiked a short distance, when a group of noisy teenagers caught up to us.  We stepped to the side of the trail and let the kiddos pass.

No more than a minute later, these six kids are sprinting towards us, screaming their lungs out.  (This maybe the wrong way to react to a bear.)

We all continue down the trail, when the bear pops out again.  As we back up, the bear crosses the trail and continues toward the creek.

I was stunned by the close encounter and also discouraged because all my pictures were out of focus (left).

Only ten minutes further down the trail, I spotted another bear. The frustration was soon over and I got the image I wanted (top). I quickly snapped two pictures before it disappeared into the brush.

I thought both bears were grizzlies, but they do seem small and skinny.  Click here to link to our facebook page and share your opinion. Is it a grizzly bear or black bear?

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