Hunter Orange Is Not Only for Hunters
By angelamontana

Posted: October 15, 2012

Wearing orange while you’re rifle hunting is important, and it is also the law here in Montana.  It is a good idea for anybody who is out and about during rifle season to wear orange, too, even if you are on your own property.

About two years ago, just outside of Darby, Montana, a hunter was whitetail hunting on private land, with permission from the land owner, during rifle season.  He was informed by the owner that he was the only hunter on the property that day.

While working his way through the timber, approximately 75 yards away in some thick brush, he spotted antlers.  Immediately stopping and glassing the potential monster buck, he kept seeing flashes of his body and  antlers, which appeared to be huge, through the brush.

The buck was thrashing around and obviously didn’t know the hunter was close.  So, he crept closer and assumed his position.  Trying to get a better look at the buck, the hunter took his rifle off his shoulder and knelt down.   He knew this was a big one.

Just as he was lowering his binoculars to pick up his gun and sight in on the buck, something looked out of place.  He raised the binoculars again and watched a few seconds longer.

Much to his surprise, the “buck” he had been watching ended up having two legs and was wearing brown Carhart coveralls.  It wasn’t a buck at all.  It was a person in brown kneeling over, picking up brush.

It turned out, the land owner hired a worker to clear the brush on the property, but the worker was not wearing a stitch of orange.  This story could’ve had a tragic ending, but, thankfully, it didn’t.

Please be safe and wear orange when you are out during rifle season, regardless of the activity you are participating in, even if you are on private land.  It could save your life.

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