Montana Hunter Bags Bull in “Favorite Spot”…Again
By angelamontana

Posted: December 12, 2012

Day 1:  Forrest Metz, a long-time Montana hunter, went out searching for a bull elk on the first day of Montana’s 2012 rifle season. He decided to check out his “favorite spot”, as he had gotten elk there in the past. Unfortunately, he didn’t see signs of anything, except for cat tracks.

Day 2: He was losing hope about finding elk in this particular location, but being that he had gotten elk here before, he wasn’t ready to leave yet.  Still nothing.  He ended this day contemplating a new hunting area.

Day 3: After not seeing any elk tracks in his “favorite spot”,  Forrest moved on and went to a new area, near Gibbons Pass in the Bitterroot.  There, he said he saw “nothing but wolf sign.”  This did not discourage him, though, as he was on a mission to get a bull.

forrestbull2Day 4:  Forrest went back to his “favorite spot”.  Not long after he made it to the area, he came across a herd of elk consisting of 40 cows, 3 spikes and a nice 6×5.  He pulled up his 30.06 Winchester rifle and aimed at the bull and shot him from approximately 100-130 yards away.

Apparently, Forrest’s “favorite spot” is his favorite spot for a reason.  Forrest’s story just goes to show that consistency pays off in the longrun.  He went back to a place where he knew elk have been in the past–and he found them there again.  Or, maybe the lesson to learn from Forrest’s story is that elk hunting is all about timing and just being out there.

Regardless of what the lesson is, he got a great bull.  Congratulations, Forrest!



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