Ice Is Getting Treacherous but Not Stoping Fisherman
By Kamp Cook

Posted: February 23, 2013
February 23rd Summaries
Angie at Bob Wards says Canyon Ferry Reservoir has been hot and cold, and in Butte there’s been some good fly fishing below the ice flow at the Big Hole.
Bill Brown at Bob Wards says the ice is getting really bad at Ninepipes, Kicking Horse, and on Pablo in additional to the East Bay of Flathead Lake
Brett French Outdoor editor of the Billings Gazette says there’s been some push back from Outfitters for a appointment to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Board of Directors.
Chancy at Snappy’s says folks out of White Fish are doing well on BeaverLake for Kokannee and Lake Five for the smaller ones but they look to be great smokers. 
Dale from Don’s in Lewistown says fishing’s been strong for folks head to the Big Dry Arm, Forshed, and Hellcreek.
Dallas at Highline Cleaners in Chester says the action on Tiber is pretty much on perch.  
Gene Fincher the Happy Hooker reports on the final day of the Perch Pounder.
John Harris from Lakeside Resort in Trout Creek says the ice is treacherous, but Martin Creek Drainage and Steven’s Creek have still had some good reports on walleye.
Leonard from Robert’s Bait and Tackle says we’re losing ice.
Mary Beth Kibler of Kibler Outfitting says the ice fishing has been pretty good, but cautions the warmer weather can destabilize the ice in a hurry.
Ron Aashiem says there have been 215 wolves taken this season, 127 from hunters and trappers 88.
Shelby from Rocky Mountain Supply in Dillon says the ice fishing been turning on with the ling. Other then the Rivers being hitting good in areas, it’s been pretty quite.

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