Live Archery Targets – Gopher Hunting with a Bow
By angelamontana

Posted: April 24, 2013
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Are you looking for a good way to get some practice shooting your bow, but you want something different than a foam target?  Try shooting gophers.

A lot of farmers don’t like gophers on their land, as the holes they create can cause livestock to injure their legs, and a lot of rural businesses do not like them, as the gophers affect how the landscaping looks.

Using your bow to shoot gophers is a great way to practice your archery skills, as the target is quite small and moves, too.  Shooting your bow is also quiet, so if you are at a business with a gopher problem, it is quiet enough as to not affect any residential neighborhoods or other nearby businesses.

I typically use field tips when on a gopher mission, but you can probably use whatever you want.  I know some people who use blunt tips, and they do the same thing with squirrels.  Just be sure to ask permission before you shoot on private and commercial land.  Additionally, check for any shooting laws in the area BEFORE shooting.

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