MORS Weekly Wrap Up
By OutdoorAly

Posted: June 10, 2013

Summer weather has arrived this week around Montana. Everyone has been out enjoying the nice long sunny days! Which of course includes fishing.

The Rock Creek Walleye Tournament took place last week and if you missed the results, they can be found here.

Captain reported some great catches despite the heavy rain last week. See what he was reeling in rain seems to be helping fishing here.


snake_eats_fish (1)

Even snakes are getting into fishing, check out this crazy photo of a snake eating a fish on the Blackfoot River and read the details here.




And fish weren’t the only ones getting pulled out of the river. An angler rescued baby moose from the river while on a fishing trip. What’s that you say? You missed the story? You can read all about it here. And baby elk are being born all around Montana this week. We have some amazing photos we shared here.

Fresno Walleye Challenge took place this weekend. If you missed the winners we announced them here

Congratulations to our trivia winners Ronald LaMotte of Highwood, and Mike Hortick of Great Falls. Be sure to listen every week to listen and win, just like our Montana Club gift card winner Cory Izett of Whitefish.

We will also keep you posted on all the happenings around the state if you check our website and like us on Facebook.

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