Bozeman/Butte Recreation Report by Bob Ward and Sons – 7.19.13
By angelamontana

Posted: July 19, 2013



UMR. This stretch is still going strong. Nymph fishing has been great with stoneflies. If you are out throwing dry flies definitely try pmds and yellow sallies in the morning and some caddis in the evening. We have been getting some good feedback on terrestrials such as ants, beetles, and hoppers from the bank.

LMR The water is flowing low and are reaching higher temps, the fish are slower moving in the heat of the day. Please be conscience of stress placed on the fish. The fishing is best in the cooler mornings using caddis flies, pale morning duns, and golden stone. Switch it up a bit with some ants and hoppers.

Yellowstone is blowing up with dry flies. You don’t necessarily have to match the fly just work with some thing that looks attractive to the fish like stimulators and attractor flies, stonefly dry flies have been successful too. Streamers and sculpin patterns have been working very well and bringing in some nice sized fish.

Gallatin River The water is very clear. The terrestrials; ants, beetles, bees, and hoppers are a great option. The spruce moths have been spotted in the canyon so be sure to give those patterns a try. If wanting to do some streamer fishing it is best early and late in the day.





Whitefish have invaded the Big Hole near Dickey Bridge. A large pod will attack emergers just before dusk. Pale Green whitefish flies with a grizzly wing case extended over back is extremely effective. Browns were hitting on golden stone nymphs in the Divide Canyon area near the old silver bridge.

Several nice brown trout and rainbows were taken on golden stone nymphs on the Jefferson River below the Silver star bridge. A few more were taken on Mepps Spinners with a black blade and green dots.

Fishermen were landing in the trout on night crawlers down at Clark Canyon this week. Crawlers suspended in the river channel on the south end are irresistible to trout holding in the cold water.

Fly Fishermen are taking nice catches of brook trout on terrestrials this week. Large quantities of red and black ants. This summer has yielded a plentiful food supply to local trout. Crickets and Beetles have shown success as well.

Don’t forget the Bob Ward annual Shooter’s Weekend is August 3rd at the Deer Creek Range in Missoula and at the Butte Gun Club in Rocker on Sunday August 4th. All types of firearms will be available for you to test out and we will have factory Representatives on hand to answer all of your questions. Tons of fun for the whole family.

 (Report by Ryan Corwin – Bob Ward and Sons; Cover Photo: