FWP Response on Dead Carp at Holter Reservoir
By angelamontana

Posted: July 25, 2013

This is a response from Eric Roberts from FWP on the dead carp on Holter and what caused the kill-off:



“As you might have heard there are some dead carp on Holter. We did get back some preliminary test results from tissue samples, but so far results have been inconclusive. Testing will continue and hopefully we’ll be able to learn something about what’s happening in Holter.

To date, carp are the primary species effected. Most of the fish died around the 4th of July holiday, and the mass die-off seems to have stopped (most fish died during that initial event). Any other species that we have found dead appeared to have died from natural causes and do not appear to be related to the carp die-off.

A lot of folks have concerns about whether Holter fish are safe to eat—they are still safe to eat as long as the fish is properly cleaned and cooked”.

(Report by Eric Roberts – Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks; Cover photo: commons.wikimedia.com)

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