Exploring the Pintlers from Ten Feet Tall…(Okay, Maybe Eight Feet)
By angelamontana

Posted: July 16, 2014

pintlers5Preparing to camp with horses has been a fun learning curve for Berny Croy, of Missoula.  Horses need 15-25 gallons of water a day, sometimes more depending on the weather and other factors, and making sure you and your horses have everything needed for a camping trip can be a lot of work.

The Pintler Wilderness was an inviting place to get started because of the fabulous creeks and the three sturdy and very spacious corrals, although they did need the baling twine to tie a loose pole up at some point.  Berny and her friend, Donna Leik, with her trusty Wheaton Terrier  “Danny”,  enjoyed the dense forest and soft trails the Pintler Wilderness offers.  The only unexpected issue they were confronted with during their trip was the large volume of fallen timber they had to scale, as rides with so many obstacles can be risky on a inexperienced horse.

Overall, it was a great experience for Berny’s 10 year old Tennessee Walker, although, Donna’s Warm Blood mare was much calmer while navigating the dead fall–plus her mare is a foot taller than Berny’s.