The Most Extreme Outdoor Selfies
By angelamontana

Posted: July 31, 2014

The selfie generation has actually managed to take some pretty awesome and extreme selfies, and below are the pictures to prove it!

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#10. This is just a cool selfie.  If I were to go skydiving, this would not be something I would even think of doing, but it’s awesome.


#9. Another moment where I, personally, wouldn’t have even thought to take a selfie, but this is pretty awesome.


#8. A selfie while you’re catching air with a good quality picture to boot? Very cool.


#7. It isn’t skydiving, but it isn’t that far off! This is a pretty cool cliff-jumping selfie.


#6. Jumping in the water selfie…pretty cool pic. Hope the camera was waterproof…


#5. Speaking of water….I’m not so sure this guy planned on being IN the water…but, at least he got a selfie!  Yikes.


#4. Extreme is an understatement for this selfie. I wonder how many takes it took to get this shot.


#3. So, it is still skydiving, only he is upside down and coming from a hot air balloon. This puts a new twist on things, as I would assume you need to deploy your parachute sooner than if you were jumping from a plane…maybe not. 


#2. This selfie just makes me uncomfortable, and yet is so incredibly awesome.


#1. And, of course, the coolest outdoors selfie of all time. You can’t get more outdoors than this!