Rigging Wolf Traps Right
By Toby Trigger

Posted: December 13, 2014

Wolf Trapping Season Opens Monday.  Are your traps rigged right?

Wolf trapping is one of many activities we can all pursue this winter season.  While the advice for trapping wolves seems to grow regularly, the foundation for success begins with a well tuned and properly rigged trap.

Wolves can weigh upwards of 150 pounds.  Having a trap that will hold the wolf is only part of the equation.  The rigging is what really matters.  Here’s a quick list of the proper components and how to make sure they are effectively affixed to your trap:

1.5 – 10 feet #5 chain

One 75 lb in-line spring

One heavy duty quick link

One 5/8″ drag

18″ disposable stake rigged with welded chain

Welder and welding rod

Three heavy duty box swivels per trap rig

Each connection point should be welded to ensure everything stays in tact.  Use about 18″ of number 5 chain and connect a 75 lb in-line spring along the chain.  Below this point screw the heavy duty quick link onto the chain.  This is where you will attach the stake at the set location.

christmas trapping 2011 041

I like to additionally add about 8 more feet of number 5 chain and attach a drag made from 5/8″ rebar at the end.  In the unlikely event the stake were ever to fail to hold the drag would stop the progress of the wolf in a hurry.  The drag and additional chain is an insurance policy.

Be sure to check all regulations regarding wolf trapping and recommended wolf rigging at :  http://fwp.mt.gov/hunting/planahunt/huntingGuides/wolf/



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