P PLANTS!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: May 18, 2024

Plants in our homes and landscapes add beauty and joy to our environment. Many outdoor sportsmen and women take time to enjoy these colorful plants. Trout lilies are beautiful along a trout stream. Wild Crocus are often the first flowers to pop up on open grasslands. Pitcher plants and Skunk Cabbage are also early bloomers. Turkey hunting is best when the Judas Trees bloom. 

Not all plants are as durable as many plants that start with the letter P! “P” is a Powerful, Pretty, and Perfect letter used to name flowers and Plants.

Here are some Perfect “P”’s to consider planting in your gardens. 

  • Petunias   These durable and adaptable flowers go great in hanging baskets and garden edge. They come in a variety of colors and sizes.
  • Pansies    This early bloomer loves cooler temps and can be used in most potting and garden applications. 
  • Phlox    This groundcover spreads nicely to protect soil. It comes in a variety of colors and is hardy.
  • Peonies    Once planted, these flowers come up annually. They can grow 2-4 feet tall and explode with complex blossoms.
  • Poppys    Many colorful and hardy flowers come with this hardy plant. A great memorial flower.
  • Primroses    With regular water, these colorful flowers do great.
  • Pines    Evergreens are green year around and come in all sizes, shapes, and cone styles.
  • Pears/Plums    Great for fruit but they require a nearby cross pollinator. Beautiful blossoms and tasty fruit.
  • Peppermint   If you plant it, you will have it forever. Great for consumption.
  • Portulaca    a hardy, multicolored, hardy ground cover. In the Purslane family. 
  • Periwinkles     splashes of color as a groundcover.
  • Pumpkins    Huge leaves, great produce and easy to grow.
  • Potatoes    Colorful flowers and something to harvest at the end of the season. Sweet Potatoes have beautiful blooms and are a tasty root veggie.

All these P plants are perfect to plant around your Place. With just a little attention, your P Plants will thrive. 

Just don’t “P” on the plants Please!

Montana Grant

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