Great Falls FAS Closed Due to Snow
By angelamontana

Posted: January 7, 2015

A fishing access site on the Missouri River south of Great Falls has been closed until further notice because of recent snowfall in the area, says a Fish, Wildlife and Parks official.

“We closed Big Bend,” says Vicki Robinson, FWP Region 4 FAS coordinator, “because people were driving in after hours, getting stuck, then knocking on a neighbor’s door asking for help.”

Robinson added walk-in visitors to Big Bend FAS are still permitted.

Big Bend FAS lies 12 miles south of Great Falls on Wilson Butte Road. Monday’s snowfall has prevented FWP from plowing the FAS.
“The current level of snow is too much to even get in the site and move it around,” Robinson says. “Until Wilson Butte Road was plowed we couldn’t even get close enough to close the gate.”

Officially, Great Falls received 8 inches of snow Monday. But areas nearby the FAS reported 12-15 inches of snow.
For more information call FWP Region 4 at (406) 454-5840.

(Report by Montana FWP)

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