New Year’s Resolution List For 2015
By Toby Trigger

Posted: January 3, 2015

Ok, it’s January 3rd and your still excited about all the possibilities for the coming year or at least your hang over is gone. Either way it’s a good time to make goals for this coming year that will make you a better outdoorsman or outdoorswoman.

The only way that resolutions work is to set goals for the things that are within your control.

That means that things like “I’m going to shoot a 160 inch buck” or I’m going to lose ten pounds may not work. Why would you set a goal to lose weight with all the fish and game you’re going to harvest this year anyway?

We give you the Montana Outdoor Radio Shows New Year’s Resolutions list for 2015:


  1. Fish more and work less.
  2. Hunt more and work less.
  3. Don’t fish or hunt with people who aggravate you.
  4. Fish and hunt more with people who you don’t aggravate.
  5. Send a lot of photos to the Montana Outdoor Radio Show , photos that will make people smile, laugh, chuckle or that will aggravate the people who aggravate you, you’re not going to be fishing or hunting with them this year anyway.
  6. Attend one of the Great Rockies Sports Shows in Montana this year or other event and meet the Captain and his crew.
  7. Listen to the Outdoor Radio Show every week in 2015 for great fishing reports and hunting news.
  8. Share your stories with the Montana Outdoor Radio Show – yes especially the stories of your successes. You don’t have to worry about aggravating people because they won’t be in the boat with you this year remember?
  9. Call the Captain during the Montana Outdoor Radio Show to win great prizes.
  10. Take a kid hunting, trapping or fishing this year – it will be the greatest investment you make in 2015.
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