12th Annual Perch Pounder Results – Week 1
By angelamontana

Posted: February 9, 2015
Above photo caption: The winner Russ Geldrich at 1.832 winner of the first week

Overall results:

1st – Russ Geldrich – 1.832

2nd – Gary Hembd – 1.820

3rd – Tony Lawrence – 1.744

4th – Jaime Gronly – 1.466

5th – Wade O’Lexey – 1.456

First week winners:

1st – Russ Geldrich – 1.832

2nd – Gary Hembd – 1.820

“It is surprising how many large perch have come in already.  By the end of February, we may have some really large ones come in because the eggs in the females will be more mature, and the fish will weigh more,” said Gene Fincher.

Congratulations to 1st week, 1st place angler, Russ Geldrich, and to all of the anglers who placed.  Good luck to all the participants from the Montana Outdoor Radio Show.

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