Meanwhile, in China–Operation Swan Guard Activated
By angelamontana

Posted: February 11, 2015

The Swan Guard is kind of like the Coast Guard, except they feed and help swans rather than search for people in need of help on water craft. According to a recent post on, the Swan Guard is “a group that feeds swans during the winter and cares for sick and injured swans“.  Their commitment to caring for swans was tested when Swan Guard member, Sheng Liang, spotted a swan with its beak frozen shut.  Liang immediately captured the swan and rushed it to her “swan house” where the beak quickly thawed before it was given a treat of fish and driven back to the river.

It looks like Liang may have saved the swan’s life, as with the frigid temperatures, she believes it is unlikely the beak would have thawed as long as the swan was outside.

The unseasonably warm weather in most of Montana ensures that we won’t run into this problem with waterfowl without a drastic temperature drop, but without having a Swan Guard here, what would you do if you encountered a swan with its beak frozen shut here in Montana?



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