Compact Packable Rods
By Toby Trigger

Posted: March 21, 2015

These rods are short, compact and packable but don’t let their small size fool you, they are capable of handling fish over 100 pounds!

Gary Horton, a rep for this small company with a manufacturing facility in Idaho, explained how the rod designs are uniquely equipped to handle big fish in spite of their small size. The secret is in the spring shaped rod. Rods are available in a variety of ratings to fit the needs of anglers needing a compact rod.

“Bikers absolutley love these” said Gary.

And it makes sense. Bikers travelling the highways this time of year don’t have the capacity to carry a lot of fishing gear. These rods with models available for conventional or fly reels don’t take up much room.


These rods are affordable and come with a lifetime gaurantee, if you break the rod they will replace it free.

For more information about this incredible rod contact Gary Horton at or visit the website at:

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