Days are Long but the Years are Short! (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: July 21, 2015

onesecHunt and fish until you drop! Stay young as long as you can! Do not anchor yourself into a Fat Boy or Girl chair and grow old! This should be the Battle Cry of every aging outdoorsman. I know that the pillows are soft, the air conditioning is cool, and the television is HD, but c’mon, let’s get Physical!

Not only do outdoor sports stimulate our bodies, they stimulate our minds! It’s easy to stay home and work on Honey-do lists, watch the boob tube, and eat like a pig! Go to the Golden Corral and enjoy times with your overfed homies. Drink more, eat more, and do less! Anyone can master that skill. Quality of life is mainly about choices. Wellness improves as we exercise, eat properly, and mentally stay in the game. For some of us, choices are harder and fewer. Make the best out of what you have!

Not everyone is a great outdoorsman. I can say that most folks want to enjoy the outdoors! Hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, critter watching, and so many other pastimes make the outdoors great! The fun part is while we are enjoying the great outdoors, we are active, healthy, and full of life.

Let’s face it every year is one year less! At first that is a good thing. Our minds and bodies are Survivor ready. No challenge is too great. We can run a marathon or climb a mountain. Suddenly, we discover that our bodies are older but our minds are young. We need to celebrate this.

As we age, there are many ways that we can overcome our handicaps. If you fish, use a wading staff. The gear and technology of today is so much better than when we were younger. Compression wear, decent footwear, polar fleece, Under Armour, and ibuprofen make life bearable. Participate within your limits.

If I die on the trail carrying a backpack after a great elk hunt, that’s perfect! I just pity the folks that have to backpack my body off of the mountain. That’s their problem.

What I am trying to say is that we all need to live our lives to their fullest.  Choose to be FAT with adventure and not cheeseburgers.

“Days are long but the years are short!”

Montana Grant

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