Bitterroot Huntress Tags Bear on Solo Hunt
By Toby Trigger

Posted: September 26, 2015

Putting a tag on a black bear in Montana is a feat many hunters wish for but can’t seem to attain.  For one Mother of an 11 month old bundle of joy it’s a reality!

Jackie Doyle of Sula has been keeping her eye out for a black bear that’s been feeding not far from her home in the same area every day for several weeks.   On Sunday morning she visited the area again and after seeing no sign of fresh bear activity decided to head back  out but a different bear stepped out in front of her and her friend Brody who watched over Jackie’s infant son.  Jackie squealed to stop the bear and leveled off at 150 yards for a clean shot.  The bear weighs just over 110 pounds and is estimated at about 3.5 years old.  Jackie said that Larry Rose of Darby helped teach her how to skin it and then her Grandpa Bill and Brody helped her finish the job.

jackie bear 2jackie bear

This was the first bear Jackie had skinned and she was proud of her accomplishment.  Great job Jackie!