Representing MORS in Mexico!
By angelamontana

Posted: December 28, 2015

Many sportsmen live to hunt, fish and trap…I do. I love it..I live for it all.  I am passionate about getting out there, regardless of what I’m doing, and I look forward to each second I am able to use my bow, rifle, fishing pole and put some steel in the ground.  But, sometimes, our vacations don’t have much to do with hunting, trapping or fishing.  For example, a recent vacation I took consisted of a night in Los Angeles, which ended up being a night in Portland because of a delayed flight, and a seven-day Mexican Riviera cruise (with stops in Cabo san Lucas and Puerto Vallarta), followed by a night in Long Beach to unwind.  The funny thing is that trapping canines, hunting elk (I drew a game damage hunt at the end of January for cow elk-yay) and fishing steelhead were all very much on my mind the entire time I was in “paradise”…and Jason Maxwell, of Missoula, was also with me, and we were both on the same page, I’m sure.  It was awesome to get away and not think about anything involving work for a while, but man is it good to get back here and get our traps out there and prepare for fishing and hunting.  Just for those of you who are considering taking a vacation, but you really don’t want to leave because of hunting, fishing and trapping seasons right here in our great state–here are some examples of how a hard reset away can be a not-so-bad thing–especially when you have good company like I did!  Happy birthday to my favorite sportsman, Jason!


Time to cruise!


Happy birthday to my favorite sportsman!!


Comedy show time!


Just one of the many towel animals the cabin ninjas make…


Sunset….somewhere between Long Beach and Puerto Vallarta..


The caged bird is singing!


Flyboarding in Cabo


Cabo cactus…this was just before the camel ride…on the beach….watching whales jump and blow just off shore….from the camel…..really




Puerto Vallarta from the ship


Viva la Mexico! Gotta love 95 degree weather in December!


Ending the vacation in Long Beach


Representing MORS from Missoula to Oregon to Cali to Mexico and all the way back! 😀

There you have a it.  The best part is that you’re always excited to come back and get out in the mountains and in the water!  Happy New Year and happy vacation!