Fishing Politics (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: January 19, 2016

Fishermen are like our political parties! There are Democrats, Republicans, and Independents! We represent every culture, wealth, attitude, and ……in our society. Browns, Brooks, Bows, and Bulls are all trout and share the same environment. We can too!

We have the Fly Fishing Purists who want private water with wild trout that are for catch and release only using barbless hooks. If they see you near their pristine fishing hole, you will be addressed as being too close. Seldom do they teach others the fishing craft. They are often loaners, grumpy, and selfish.

The other extreme is represented by meat hungry Bait Fishermen that catch and keep everything they land, and leave their beer cans along the bank. They follow the stocking trucks and measure success by the numbers and pounds of fish they put on the stringer.

Bass Busters show love for their sport by buying the biggest, best boats, gear, and electronics. Fishing is competitive and a fashion statement. Tournament fishing and Youth events are common.

Average Fishing Guys are just looking for a fun way to relax. Maybe a meal or two of fresh fish is a healthy thing. Fishing with friends is a good way to bond and shoot the bull. Opening days are a celebration for everyone to reunite and fish. Kids and women are always welcome.

Everyone likes to fish in some way. Those that don’t fish simply have not been taught. Kids that get into trouble need to learn how to fish. Fishing is a perfect way to celebrate, socialize, gather a meal, and relax. The BEST Fishermen teach others how to do it right.

ALL Fishermen need to be a Brother and Sisterhood of advocates for fishing and protection of our wild and wet places. Politically, we ALL need to vote. Teaching others to fish grows our ranks and makes us a political party to be reckoned with. The money spent for fishing is reflected in our taxes that purchase, protect, and manage our open spaces. Healthy waters are symbolic of a clean and healthy environment.

If we don’t work together, the outcome and future of fishing will be guaranteed. Fishing will become a “sport of kings”. Only the wealthiest snobs will have fishing access, and protected, private waters. Just look at Europe and England to get a glimpse of that future.

In the end, Fishing is just about having FUN! There is something magical about fishing in our wild waters. A bite is a signal that wakes you up from your relaxing nap, or interrupts a conversation. The moments of excitement that follow are remembered forever. It doesn’t matter what color, age, sex, size, status, or political party you are in. It is just FISHING!

Tight Lines, Montana Grant

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