ATTENTION LANDOWNERS: The Yellowstone Valley NWTF Needs Your Help!
By angelamontana

Posted: February 26, 2016


The Yellowstone Valley chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation is organizing a youth and wounded veteran turkey hunt for the spring of 2016. If you know of, or have, a youth that would like to participate OR you have land where we can take these hunters, please contact:

  • Jason Tarwater (Regional Director): 785-221-6515
  • Toby Vandenburg (Chapter President): 319-795-4053

2016 Yellowstone Valley NWTF Youth Hunt Application

(Youth must be legal to turkey hunt according to MTFWP regulations in the 2016 Spring season)

Event Date: 4/16/16 – 4/17/16

Please complete and return application below by 4/1/16 to:

Yellowstone Valley NWTF * 17 Horse Apple Rd * Columbus, MT    59019 * * (319) 795-4053 or (785) 221-6515

Name of Hunter:                                                             

Date of Birth:                                                                    

Parent Guardian Name:                                                

Mailing Address:                                                             


Email Address:                                                                 

Phone Number:                                                               

Has the applicant ever hunted anything?               Yes                         No

Has the applicant ever turkey hunted?                   Yes                         No

Has the applicant ever harvest any game?             Yes                         No

Will you need an experienced turkey hunter for a guide?               Yes                         No

The hunt will be taking place on various private properties we will have permission on for this weekend.

All applicants, guardians, and landowners are also invited to our annual fundraising banquet that will be held the Friday evening (April 15th) before the hunt takes place. Please contact us for information.


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