FWP Commission Approves Antlerless Elk Shoulder Seasons
By rowdyrob

Posted: February 15, 2016

During the meeting to discuss the elk shoulder season, several members of the board commented that they find the idea “distasteful” and “sad” that it appears apparent that we have to hunt elk into late January and February.  The Montana FWP commission signed off on 43 antlerless elk shoulder seasons during their latest meeting.  These hunts primarily focused on private lands.  The shoulder seasons for regions 3 & 5 will end January 1st and the seasons for regions 2 & 4 will end February 15th.   The commission understands that although the season extension may be seen as “un-ethical” by most, it is also their responsibility to handle the elk population and get it back to where it needs to be.


Article provided by the Montana Standard.  Read the whole article here: Shoulder Seasons