It’s Valentines Day! Eight Critters To Go Hunting For!
By Toby Trigger

Posted: February 14, 2016

For this Valentines day we would like to help generate a few good ideas for the things you could hunt outdoors this time of year here’s 8 – can you think of more?

  1. Wolves – Give it a try!  Calling, listening and stalking  are common techniques. Who knows you might end up with a beautiful fur coat for that special someone.
  2. Mountain Lions – This one is often thought of as a hound men pursuit but predator calling does account for a percentage of lion harvest – try it !
  3. Rabbits.  There are sooo many rabbits out there. Grab a shot gun and go for it.
  4. Squirrels, yeah we know – sounds boring right?  What about bringing those kiddos along for a day of squirrel plinking?
  5. Coyotes – yes the fur is good in mid February and coyotes are easier to call this time of year because they are hungry and looking for love.
  6. Fox – yup like coyotes only redder…
  7. Beaver – yeah we know beaver must be trapped and can’t legally be hunted but nothing says I love you like a freshly caught beaver!
  8. Trout – bring a rod and your favorite artificial lure to an open river – sneak a long the banks and cast to big unsuspecting fish.  The out of staters aren’t here yet and most of the in staters are trying to squeak out one last day of good ice fishing

wolvesbeyond23169_large_Mountain_Lion_Widerabbit2squirrel2coyotefoxlarge_real_Beaver_tailThis beautiful Beaverhead brown crushed a yellow and olive Wooloey Sculpin!

What else are you going to do, really?  Dinner and a movie?  No Way!