Vandalism Destroys Perch Habitat at Tiber Reservior
By Toby Trigger

Posted: April 9, 2016

Some things just aren’t funny – according to a news release by the Montana FWP someone purposefully destroyed the efforts of dozens of volunteers from three separate organizations.

Fish, Wildlife and Parks is looking for information about 500 recycled Christmas trees burned March 27-28 in two separate incidents at Tiber Reservoir north of Great Falls.

The trees were set aside for spawning habitat for perch, said Grant Grisak, FWP Region 4 fisheries manager, and were due to be put in the reservoir in mid-April.

The vandalism took place on the north shore of Tiber – on the Willow Creek arm south of Lothair – and on the reservoir’s south side – off the Bootlegger Road.

Pines for Perch project is a cooperative effort of the Great Falls chapter of Walleyes Unlimited, Tiber Hydro LLC and FWP, Grisak said.

Each year, Walleyes Unlimited puts dumpsters around Great Falls to collect used Christmas trees, which are taken to Tiber. Volunteers and FWP put the trees in shallow water to provide spawning habitat for perch.

“Perch are an important forage component to the Tiber walleye fishery” Grisak said. “Our studies have shown the perch use many of the trees for spawning.”

Anyone with information is urged to call 1-800-TIPMONT. Informants are kept confidential and rewards up to $1,000 are possible.

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