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Shotgun Golf! (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: July 6, 2016

A “Bulls Eye” and a “Hole in One” have a lot in common. Both mean that you were on target and did something right! Sporting clays, like golf, is just the thing to relieve stress, hang out with friends, and get some exercise.

Sporting clays could be just what the Doctor ordered. You still get to wear fashionable outfits, drive a cart around, and Tee off at stations. Instead of swinging a club, you get to swing a shotgun. 100 trigger pulls later you can stay on par as an accurate marksman.

Golf is a popular sport but is not a year around opportunity for everyone. In Montana, snow can make it hard to find your golf balls. At the end of a golf session, I don’t have anything to show for what I accomplished. With improved shooting skills, you can be better at “bringing home the bacon”. You can’t eat a sack full of golf balls.

Sporting Clays is a wonderful and fun way to connect with friends and targets. The drive to and from the Sporting clay range is also important to discuss life and share stories. Nothing relieves stress like shooting off some steam in a safe and ethical fashion.

Skeet and Trap are also great ways to hone your shooting skills but targets are more predictable and the exercise is more limited. The random and changing stations of Sporting Clays take place afield and mimic actual hunting scenarios. The only thing missing is the cackling, honking, quacking, or the wingbeats of a bird busting from cover.

People that don’t like shooting and guns have not experienced them in a positive way. Once they are trained and exposed to them, the empowerment is amazing. Women find shooting sports particularly exciting. Children can be taught safety, responsibility, and self- discipline in a fun and exciting way. The sport also occurs off of the sofa, away from the “boob tube”, and out of the home!

There are also chores and skills beyond the range. Reloading shells, cleaning and maintaining gear, guns and garments is also required. These purposeful and fun distractions in life keep us focused and relaxed.

Shotguns and golf clubs are great equalizers. It is no longer about gender, age, size, or other requirements. The real competition is with your own self -discipline and self- control. Everyone can find a way to participate and enjoy the sport together.


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