Tendoy Sheep Reduction Efforts May Continue
By Toby Trigger

Posted: August 27, 2016

During a conference call Monday morning August 29th at 8:30 am from the Fish, Wildlife & Parks headquarters in Helena, the Fish and Wildlife Commission will hear a proposal from FWP to continue a bighorn sheep elimination effort in the Tendoy Mountains that was initiated in 2015.

The requested action is a follow-up to previous commission action initiated to eliminate the Tendoy Mountains bighorn sheep herd. The action was approved to address a disease issue within the Tendoy herd. Disease within the sheep population has become endemic resulting in poor reproduction.   Following removal of the remaining twelve sheep the plan is to restock the area with healthy bighorns.

The proposal being recommended for consideration by the Commission is to sell over the counter hunting licenses for three days and to begin the hunt on Sept. 15 concurrent with the traditional opening of the season for bighorn sheep.

Because the project was previously fully vetted through an Environmental Assessment, public comment will be limited to that taken during the conference call. Persons wishing to listen to the call and/or comment may do so at the Helena FWP office or at any Regional FWP office.


This is a news release by Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks

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