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Bozeman/Butte Recreation Report by Bob Ward’s Sports & Outdoors 9.16.16
By angelamontana

Posted: September 16, 2016

Bozeman Fishing report

Yellowstone River- 1600 cfs- The fishing has been spotty over the past few days. A nymph rig with a stonefly, worm and/or a flashy nymph. The streamer bite is good. Try using white or natural colors. The hopper fishing is picking up mid-day but it is most effective with a dropper.

Flies: Pats Stone #8-10, hot head power worm #8-10, silver lightning bug #12-16, Moorish hopper yellow#8-10, Strolis’ Articulated Icepick, Barely Legal

Gallatin River- 380 cfs- The fishing is relatively slow with the best times being in the afternoon to evenings. Some mahoganies are starting to hatch on the upper river. Lower down, Nymphing is the best bet. Try using a worm and prince nymph. The streamer bite is picking up. Go small and natural colors.

Flies: purple haze #14-16, hot head power worm #8-10, prince nymph #12-16, pheasant tail #16-18, olive wooly bugger #8

Upper Madison- 810 cfs- The flows are low and the fish have moved from faster, deeper water and into slower spots along the bank. A worm, stonefly, or baetis nymph combo has been decent. On warmer drier days hoppers can work. On cloudy days try an olive streamer.

Flies: x caddis tan #12-16, soft hackle pheasant tail #14, silver lightning bug #14-18, Moorish hopper yellow #10-12, power worm #8, Pats stone #8, olive articulated circus peanut #4

Lower Madison- 1150 cfs- The crawdad worm combo is your best bet right now. There are a few Blue Wing Olives as well as mahogany duns. A small baetis nymph or flashy midge under a hopper or stimulator is an effective setup.

Flies: soft hackle pheasant tail #14-16, silver lightning bug #14-18, Mccrawdad #8-10, mahogany dun #12, yellow stimulator #12-14


Butte Fishing

Cooler temperatures and some rain over the last few weeks has really helped out fishermen in Southwest Montana. More and more areas are starting to fish well again and with the start of archery big game season, there is less crowding on the lakes, rivers, and streams.

The Big Hole river is off Hoot Owl restrictions in the Divide Canyon Area. Bucktail caddis have been good flies in size 4 and 6. Orange and yellow have both been good colors. Trico hatches have been plentiful and size 18 or smaller have been a good choice.

The Ruby River and Beaverhead River have been fishing well with grasshopper patterns. Orange and Yellow Hoppers (foam) in size 8 and 10 were working well this past week. Pale Evening Duns were stimulating surface activity.

Goddard Caddis and Hemmingway Caddis have been trout slayers in size 12 or 14 on the mountain lakes of southwestern Montana. Agnus Lake, Browns Lake, Rainbows have been good fishing.

Wise river has been good for smaller brookies and cut throat. Dubbed black ants, Beetles, and bees have been great patterns.

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